StacksAndStacks.Com Increases Their Conversion And Sews Up Their Security With Trust Guard

Stacks And Stacks, a homeware e-retailer, both a leader and pioneer in offering products to organize and furnish homes, offices and gardens since 1984, has increased their Website security by switching to Trust Guard. The Richmond, California-based company made the Website security change recently, saying that Trust Guard is more affordable and more accessible than other security programs. Shortly after the switch, Stacks And Stacks was surprised to learn they had two previously undetected vulnerabilities, which have since been fixed. They are more confident than ever that they made the right choice for both their business needs and their customer’s safety and security. is a company that puts customers first. Being able to offer them the best selection at the best price fits right in with giving them a secure place to shop and feel safe. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to use Trust Guard to fill that requirement. We ran an AB test with Trust Guard against their current Security provider using a 3rd Party Testing Company. Trust Guard beat this provider by 12.2% and at a fraction of the cost! It just affirms for us that we are giving our customers the confidence they need in order to purchase from us.” Cathy McManus, Marketing Director,

The proof is in the third-party testing according to Christopher Johnson Vice President, Business Development, “As a certified partner of Trust Guard we ran our experiment on more than 55,000 visitors to The only difference in the pages we tested were the security seals. The Trust Guard seal boosted conversion rate by an amazing 12.2%! Switching to Trust Guard has been a resounding success for”

Trust Guard, a Website Security, Privacy, and Business Verification Seals expert, were not surprised to have found vulnerabilities that seemed to have been overlooked by the previous provider. According to Trust Guard, all vulnerabilities are dangerous to e-retailers, since Website security can easily make or break a business. The world has seen many companies in the past few years left bankrupt after word spread of a breach.

Cresta Pillsbury, CMO for Trust Guard said, “I cannot begin to emphasize how absolutely critical security is to the continued growth of the company. When came to us and we ran our initial scan we found two medium vulnerabilities that should have been detected by their current provider. They were easily fixed, but the fact that they were not detected should give e-tailers a rise for concern. We’ve just seen too many merchants come over to us from other security providers and we have been able to uncover serious security holes at companies that were absolutely convinced they were secure. Not only do we help e-commerce merchants get secure and remain secure, Trust Guard is a win-win for the merchant because it delivers an ROI that is extremely difficult to obtain from other security or Website optimization services.”

Stacks And Stacks hopes that by maintaining a high security standard they are adequately portraying their core values to customers. It is important for them to be honest and fair, with a high standard of integrity, innovative, flexible and customer focused. They always want their customers to know that they come first.

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