Trust Guard Forms Split-Test Partnership With Incubate.Com

Trust Guard, a leading website security and verification company, has recently started a partnership with, a leading internet marketing agency. Trust Guard has chosen Incubate to conduct their A/B Split-testing in order to ensure that their merchants have a transparent view of results.Trust Guard knows that with Incubate’s reputation, the impact of the results will be strong and clear.

“We chose because the company is extremely reputable and well-staffed which allows them to take the best care of our merchants. They are respected for their professionalism and conduct the A/B Split-Test with seamless excellence. The merchants receive an account where they can login to watch the test as it is happening in case of skepticism regarding the results. We know that we offer the best service, at a great price and this gives our merchants the opportunity to have visual proof to attest to it. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.” Cresta Pillsbury, Chief Marketing Officer, Trust Guard.

The partnership seems to be a win-win with both companies doing well. has seen positive results with Trust Guard Seals for their own clients.

“As an internet marketing agency we market several large e-commerce stores online. We have used a variety of different security seals and none have proven to be as secure and trusted by online shoppers than Trust Guard. We have seen within our tests that our clients conversion rates increase after we have placed the Trust Guard Security Seal on their site. is thrilled to be a certified Trust Guard partner and can now offer our clients the security they need at a fraction of the price of their competitors.” Christopher Johnson Vice President, Business Development, Marketing,

The A/B Split Test is a test used to compare two different things, in this case a service, side-by-side in order to discover which one is better or more profitable. It is a common and effective method in e-commerce, marketing, and sales.

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