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Why You Should Market With Memes: I’m sure that you’ve all seen a meme or five million memes. It’s impossible to spend any time online and not see them plastered all over Facebook or in blogs. What is a Meme? It’s a photo that people take and make shareable by adding their own word content to it. Memes can become viral very quickly and can be an excellent way to promote your brand quickly.

Responsive Web Design & Mobile Commerce : Americans are rarely without their cell phones. Every day they use their mobile devices for more and more things and mobile commerce is growing at a rapid pace. Busy lifestyles make it easy to shop online which is why having a website designed to be mobile friendly is incredibly important. Mobile commerce is on the rise and you will miss sales if your site isn’t planned out accordingly.

Mobile Is Taking Over E-Commerce: As we talked about above, mobile commerce is quickly on the rise. Merchants need to adapt quickly to the fact that now many people are doing their shopping from their mobile device at the office, during coffee, on the train, even in the restroom. People are shopping day and night. In order to stay ahead of the curve you’ve got to know everything there is to know about gearing your business up for mobile commerce.


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