Show Me The Money #1 Getting Paid In The Digital Age & Payment Processing Pitfalls

I’ve stumbled across some great information for all of  you eCommerce business men and women out there. Payment is always a tricky subject and even senior eComm specialists can struggle with the best payment methods. I found these very informative, FREE, eBooks loaded with great information on payment processing. These books are great even for people who have a system in place because you might learn some new ways to optimize your current system and increase sales.

Show Me The Money #1 Getting Paid In The Digital Age

“While almost every DRTV marketer has the ability to accept credit card payments, there is a great deal of mystery surrounding how these services work, what you can do to avoid chargebacks, and how you can actually increase sales based on diverse payment offerings. This first of two eBooks
covers the key issues surrounding payment choice options for DRTV marketers.”

Who Might Be Interested In This Book:

Show Me The Money – Getting Paid in the Digital Age, Part #1, is a must for any executive involved in a company that is currently using DRTV, considering using it, in RFP mode to select an agency, wondering why a past DRTV campaign failed or any company accepting payments.

The eBook covers an array of important subjects such as: 

  • Choosing the Right Payment Processor
  • Should You Have Multiple Credit Card Accounts?
  • Understanding the Net Effective Rate
  • How to Avoid Chargebacks
  • What’s Behind Underwriting Approval
  • Learn About the Importance of Payment Gateways
  • The Agency Perspective

And Best Of All IT’S FREE. Click here to read the full eBook and learn everything you need to know about increasing sales, using the right payment methods, and/or how to improve the methods you’re already using.

Payment Processing Pitfalls

This short, concise eBook is loaded with things to avoid in payment processing, 18 Mistakes You Can Make To Derail A DR Campaign. I have to admit there are a few on this list that I’ve never seen discussed in other payment processing articles. This eBook is FREE, it’s short, and it will save you a money in the future. Lean back in that office chair with your nice warm coffee and take ten minutes to read it.

“Using A Bad Affiliate Marketer to Drive Sales: Many DRTV marketers use affiliates to generate sales. Affiliates can use tactics you are unaware of, such as incentives that lead consumers to sign up for a trial offer to get a chance to win a prize. Don’t make it hard for people without credit cards to purchase your products and services.Once the promotion is over, consumers often return your product or charge it back, resulting in a big mess. After a second shipment, you are faced with returns and chargebacks because your product was purchased for the wrong reasons. To make matters worse, affiliate bounties paid are tough to retrieve. If you use affiliates, maintain multiple merchant accounts in case bad affiliate traffic results in problems.”

Click here to read this epically awesome (albeit short) eBook

One response to Show Me The Money #1 Getting Paid In The Digital Age & Payment Processing Pitfalls

  1. JB

    Having experience in digital payment processing, I’ve learned many of the ins and outs shared, but there’s always more to learn. It’s definitly nicer to learn from other’s mistakes than your own. It saves you a lot of time money and headaches.

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