SEO Braintrust Hosts Event: Trust Guard Is Speaking In Las Vegas November 21-23

Trust Guard is speaking and exhibiting at a very special kind of event November 21-23 in Las Vegas and we think you should attend. This is the second annual event by our good friends Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde of The SEO Braintrust.  We have worked with these guys for several years and they are the very best at what they do. If you make money via online marketing today, you will make more next year by investing just 3 days with The SEO Braintrust. They back that claim with a 167% money back guarantee, so you really do have nothing to lose.

They can do this because it is not your usual “conference” where you sit and yawn at a parade of speakers.  Far from it.  There will be no yawning at all! Instead, you should show up prepared to reflect on what is working now, what isn’t, do some hard thinking about what you should change, and work one-on-one and in small masterminds to plan a prosperous online future using a proven, structured approach to online marketing.

If you have not been to Brainstorm, it’s tough to explain, but here’s the bulleted summary they call “The Brainstorm promise”:

  • A structured approach to rapid business growth developed over 10 years of working with hundreds of online business owners;

  • A holistic view of online marketing that synergistically combines channels

  • Take home training, personalized business building manual, and all speaker’s presentations and recordings

  • Best in class speakers and sponsors vetted by the conference principals

  • Small group masterminds guided by an experienced business coach

  • Extensive one-on-one access to the Braintrust principals and speakers

  • The 167% money back awesomeness guarantee

But it won’t ALL be work – it’s Vegas baby!  We’ll be at all the hosted (that means “free”) happy hours, parties, and the optional VIP dinner.

Come join us in Vegas and return home with a plan for a bigger, more prosperous, and more exciting 2014.

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