Why You Should Encourage Your Employees To Use Social Media At Work

A lot of employers ban the use of social media at work worried that it will interfere with productivity and create problems in the workplace. However, monitoring employees every move and watching cell phone use to avoid time wasted and lost could be tiresome and possibly counterproductive. Did that just say counterproductive? Yes, yes it did. The thing with social media is that it’s hard to be “fake and social” so why not utilize employees interest in social media by allowing them some wiggle room and letting them do some “work” for you that won’t feel like work at all. Set up rules, like these 12 Do’s And Don’ts For Employees Regarding Social Media, but let them be social. Tell them that they can use social media as long as it also includes some kind of work slant. For example, “Yes, you can casually check FB throughout the day as long as you post at least two positive status updates about our company.” Instead of making rules for what not to do maybe make rules for what TO DO that will also benefit your company. Plus, a happy employee is a productive one!

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