Increase Your Sites Search Traffic (Without Angering Google)

1. Organic Keywords.  it better to write many quality articles on very specific keywords than to go after the ones with more search traffic. A great benefit of staying focused with long-tail key terms is that they usually convert better, as well.

2. Tenacity. The longer you’re in business the more often you’ll pop up in search engines.

3. Optimize. Pay attention to your meta tags, descriptions and keywords. You do this consistently and you will see results.

4. Link building. Make sure you link to outside sources and ask outside sources to link keywords back to you. Do this the ethical way. You can not cheat google. Don’t try to be sneaky.

5. Google’s keywords. Find keywords that are not as competitive and use those.

6. Don’t Write Crap. This is pretty simple. If you give people something useful then they are more likely to follow, like or share it. If you give them crap you’ll get crap back. Get guest bloggers, do interviews, do your research, write long posts and take time doing it. Try to provide something that you yourself would want to share.

8. Create Value With SEO. Don’t think of SEO as a game that you play because you can  no longer win (as I mentioned above). The goal here is to create organic traffic which means REAL traffic. You’re going to lose everyone when they bounce away if your site and the content sucks. Just remember that if people come to your site and leave immediately that GOOGLE USES IT AGAINST YOU. They know when people come and find crap because they leave immediately.

9. Quality Content. Author ranking has a big impact on search engines. Every time you write something try to aim for five stars in terms of rank. If it’s not a “5” then maybe spend more time on it.

10. Use A Blog To Increase Traffic. This is a given. If you don’t have a blog GET ONE NOW. They are free and one of the best ways to increase organic traffic. Not to mention, the more involved you are with the blogging community the more guest writers, experts, and social media connections you’ll have. Welcome to 2013, my friends, you need these things.

11. Utilize Experts. Make friends with experts in your community. Having an expert contribute to your blog can be huge because they’re going to share their post, and their friends will share, and next thing you know you have 10,000 views and probably a few sales in the meantime.

12. Find Like-minded Business People And Buddy Up. The online world is all about electronic connections. In a way it’s good because you can sit in your pajamas and network but it’s also bad because it takes a certain level of know-how and finesse to nail social media. If you practice you’ll figure out the lingo and in no time you’re friend numbers will be rising and your conversion will be increasing along with it.

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