Do Your Employees Love You? Company Culture Impacts Your Growth And Profits

Do your employees love coming to work everyday? Do they enjoy what they do, and do they want the company to succeed? If your answer is “no”  you might want to reconsider your company’s culture. Employees who love their job, who feel appreciated and who enjoy being in the office are more productive. Great company culture also attracts talent, and employees who are customer-focused. Successful companies are companies where the employees want the company and their clients to succeed and they do everything they can to make it happen. If being in the office is miserable, if relationships between workers and management is bad, it’s impossible for employees to care about clients. They simply want to do their job AND GET OUT. Clients know when they are cared about and they usually prefer working with companies with dedicated, happy employees over a miserable office environment. Next time you think about “improving” productivity, why don’t you ask employees what would make them more productive at work?

I’m lucky enough to work for Global Marketing Strategies, a company that owns Trust Guard, and I have to say that the way they manage makes a huge difference in my attitude and enthusiasm regarding “work.” The partners are easy to talk with, calm, and they listen to you and send you out of the office to the park to take random walks and breaks. We get regular emails of appreciation and one-on-one lunches with the “bosses.” I enjoy my job and I am constantly searching for ways to help them improve their company because I genuinely want them to succeed. It’s a big change from a large corporation I worked for before that fired a woman when she went into labor and missed work. They didn’t allow bathroom breaks because it “slowed productivity.” It was basically like working in a prison and everyone felt that way. It reflected in the work and in the air and it certainly impacted our clients.

You get what you give in our competitive job market. Having employees raving about your company doesn’t hurt marketing either. If you want to succeed, keep in mind that Happy Employees Equals Happy Clients. 

2 responses to Do Your Employees Love You? Company Culture Impacts Your Growth And Profits

  1. shayne

    I love going to work everyday. We all should love what we do. If not you need to find something you love to do..

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