The Target Credit Card Hack: Prevent This From Happening To You

Target Hacked

Over 40 Million credit cards were compromised in one of the largest credit card data thefts of all time. If you shopped in Target stores between Thanksgiving and December 15th it’s very possible that you were a victim. Data from the thefts is allegedly being sold on the black market. The secret service is investigating the security breach and Target is scrambling to save face and restore their good name. They’re investigating whether or not it was an inside job or the result of savvy thieves who planted a virus in the system. Customers are asking, “What can I do if I were a victim? How do I know if I was victimized?”

What To Do After The Target Hack?

Unfortunately prevention is much easier than cleanup, however, if you shopped at Target during the security breach you should:

1. Check your credit card statements for strange activity.

2. Cancel your credit card and get a new one.

3. Call Target for information

4. Possibly curse Target and write your disappointment on their Facebook wall as thousands of customers are currently doing.

Prevention is key:

In the future you can prevent credit card theft both online and at point of sale terminals (the checkout stand in stores) by looking for a security scanned seal either on a website or on the credit card terminal itself. Scanning checks for security holes and virus’ every single day which prevents data from being stolen in the first place. If you don’t see a seal, your data they steal!

3 responses to The Target Credit Card Hack: Prevent This From Happening To You

  1. _Jim

    Any idea what these seals look like? IOW, what exactly are we looking for on the POS terninals or CC scanners?

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