Trust Guard In The News: Company Believes They Hold Solution To Prevent Target-Style Hacking

Company Believes They Hold Solution To Beat Target-Style Hacking Company Believes They Hold Solution To Beat Target-Style Hacking Ogden, Utah ( January 6, 2014 — Imagine a world where you can shop both online and in stores like Target without being afraid that someone is going to drain your savings and destroy your credit. Trust Guard, a website security company, has said in recent interviews that they believe that prevention is key and that a secure world doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Trust Guard offers a service called POS scanning that, according to Co-founder Dave Brandley, would prevent a Target-style security breach from happening in the future.The Target credit card breach is the second largest breach in U.S. history. Around 40 million credit cards were stolen between November 27th and December 15th 2013. Target announced the breach on December 19th, and later announced that the credit card numbers, the three-digit code on the back of the cards, as well as PIN numbers were compromised. Credit card companies and banks across the country are scrambling to issue new cards. Angry customers have taken to social media to shame Target and to demand better security measures. According to Trust Guard, if the breach was caused by malware as sources suspect, it could have been prevented.PCI POS Terminal Scanning scans the machines that customers swipe their credit card through for vulnerabilities and virus’. “The scary thing about the Target hack is that POS scanning or point of sale scanning could have prevented this from happening in the first place. It’s cheap, it’s effective, and it’s really inexcusable that a lot of merchants don’t even know that POS Terminal Scanning exists.” Said Co-founder, Dave Brandley, Trust Guard.Stories about drained savings accounts and weird charges on credit cards are flooding the internet. Experts are asking for customers to check their credit card statements for the next year for suspicious charges and many are advising customers to get a new card as a preventative measure.Brandley advises customers on how to keep themselves safe now and in the future, “The best thing that people can do is cancel their cards and get new ones immediately. Checking bank statements for strange activity for the next year will be exhausting. Also, as a preventative measure in the future, customers should check for some kind of POS terminal scan seal on the terminals themselves before they swipe their cards. If there is no seal, they should ask the merchant to have scanning done. A scanned terminal is a safe terminal.”

About Trust Guard:

Trust Guard LLC. is a division of Global Marketing Strategies LLC. (GMS) – An eCommerce company with over 15 years of online sales and security experience. Trust Guard specializes in Website Security, Privacy, and Business Verification Seals that build customer trust and loyalty, increase online sales, and improve website credibility. Trust Guard also offers PCI-Compliant security scanning and PCI POS Terminal Scanning that checks for over 59,000 vulnerabilities hackers might use to compromise websites or POS terminals.


Co-founder Dave Brandley


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