10 Twitter Tips For Starters


Twitter is such a simple tool yet it manages to confuse the masses when it comes to marketing. You have to be more creative when using simple tools but Twitter can really be easy if you know the basics. Here is a great list that I created inspired by The Money Dummy Blog.

1) Shorten your URL’s. That little thing on your blog that says “short URL”? USE THAT!

2) Be social! If people are showing you love then show it back! Retweet your followers tweets!

3) Use @ when you want to talk to someone. If you’re replying back to someone for example you’d say, “I agree with you @Bob.” So Bob sees it.

4) Check your direct messages and send some messages too! Yes, your mailbox is usually full of spam, however, there are a few normal people out there who will probably write you once in a while.

5) #FF or #FollowFriday! It’s the day to thank your followers by giving them a shout out with a #FF and their name.

6) Clean your stream! Lists will help you clean up your stream so you can pay more attention to the people you love!

7) Pictures! We know that everyone loves pictures! Share pictures and people will love you for it.

8) Get some help! Hootsuite or Tweetadder can help you out with your Twitter needs!

9) Download an app for your phone! Social media works best when you’re always engaged. Plus, you’ll often find inspiration when away from the computer.

10) Comment on other people’s tweets! The more you engage the more people will interact with you.

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