More Retailers Hit Hard By Hackers; Malware Found In Target POS Terminals

The nations 3rd largest retailer was hit hard by hackers. Target first announced that the data of 40 million customers was stolen but in recent releases we’ve come to understand that the private information of 70 million was also taken AND to make matters worse Neiman Marcus has stepped forward and admitted that they were hacked as well.

The timing of the breaches may indicate that the retailers were hit by the same hackers; however, it’s not been confirmed the two breaches are linked. According to Reuters, other well-known retailers were also hacked using a similar method to the Target/Marcus hacks though those retailers have yet to step forward with information.

“Target has not disclosed how the hackers breached its security systems, although Reuters’ sources pointed to a sophisticated class of malware known as RAM scrapers, which are built to steal payment data from point of sale systems.”

For the full article 

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