Trust Guard And Ticket Platform Inc. Increase Revenue With Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Trust Guard and Ticket Platform Inc., have announced that they will be forming a partnership for the mutual benefit of their clients. Trust Guard specializes in third-party-verification, PCI compliance scanning and increasing sales conversion for E-Commerce sites. Ticket Platform Inc., is a leader in customizing dynamic ticketing sites, mobile apps and providing online marketing services such as SEO development and Social network development to online ticket companies around the globe. Representatives for both companies were present at the Ticket Summit 2013 in Las Vegas and efforts to form a partnership began shortly after. “The Trust Guard team has been great to work with thus far.  After reviewing their services and products we feel very comfortable promoting their products and services to our users. The savings passed on to our users is also greatly appreciated,” said Amir Khalighi, President, Ticket Platform Inc. Ticket Platform Inc., and Trust Guard both stand by the importance of superior customer support, integrity, and an overall win/win approach. Forming the partnership will give Ticket Platform Inc., customers the opportunity to take advantage of Trust Guard products and services as well as website protection, and the possibility of increased revenue for Ticket Platform Inc. The partnership will stimulate Trust Guard’s growth while spreading the importance of website security for increasing conversion. “We are proud and excited to partner with Ticket Platform Inc., because of their excellent products, services, and reputation for quality. The partnership will allow both companies to increase revenue and stimulate growth together. We love that we have the opportunity to mutually offer value and increased conversion for current and future clients,” said Cresta Pillsbury, CMO, Trust Guard.

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