What We Can Learn From The Coca-Cola Security Breach

As if it’s not horrible enough that Target, Neiman Marcus, and a number of other top American retailers have been hit hard by hackers in these past few months, Coca-Cola recently announced that they have suffered a security breach as well. The Coca-Cola security breach compromised 18,000 social security numbers. It’s estimated that nearly all 74,000 Coca-Cola employees were affected. The security breach stemmed from a breach in Coca-Cola protocol. All laptops owned by employees should be encrypted and after use they are to be disposed of. However, the employee in charge of disposal kept the laptops instead and these laptops for whatever reason were not encrypted at all. He had total access to not only social security numbers but other sensitive information.

There is a possibility that the former employee did not access any of the information from the laptops, however, Coca-Cola thought that there was a large enough possibility that they felt it important to notify their employees. Let that be a lesson to us about trusting just anyone with your sensitive, private, information.

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One response to What We Can Learn From The Coca-Cola Security Breach

  1. shayne

    Hopefully they find out how all this is happening and make sure in the future it does not happen again.

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