8 Ways To Increase Sales Conversion Right Now

If you have a business and you’re not selling online right now you’re losing money. The opportunities to sell yourself and your products and services online are endless, and if you learn the basics it doesn’t have to be all that difficult either. There are a number of things you can do to market your product, drive traffic to your site and increase your sales. Once you’ve got all these people cruising to your site looking for products how do you ensure that some of them make a purchase?

1. Make things easy for your customers by focusing on one (or a few) products. The more products or services you offer, the more you’ll confuse customers and scare them away. Take one product/service and go into detail about it. A lot of text about one product is much more likely to generate income than a little text about twenty products. Just like your great aunt berthas orange lipstick, less is more!

2. Make lifelong connections with Opt-In offers! It’s an awesome way to get your customer’s email addresses so you can stay in contact with them. This is vital to longterm success. “Sign Up For Our Newsletter And Get Savings In Your Inbox!” is a great way to continually remind your clients why your company is awesome and why their friends should be a part of your community too. Your Opt-In offer should be easy to see, and posted to every page of your website. Experiment with different placements just in case.

3. Improve headlines. Instill urgency, answer questions, and establish yourself as a relatable company, a company run by humans just like your customers. Admit faults, be transparent, and be likable. Headlines are HUGE when it comes to increasing your conversion rate. A friend of mine that works for Upworthy, one of the most powerful information dissemination companies online, said, “I write 50 possible headlines for every article because headlines make or break whether or not something goes viral.” That’s the power of headlines.

4. Establish your credibility right awayWhen a potential client stumbles onto your site you only have a few seconds to hook them. Showing your credentials, a trust seal, and your customer’s testimonials on the front page shows that you’re business is legit. It should be one of the first things that people see when they arrive to your site. 

5. Change your sales copy. Instead of talking about yourself all the time try using “you” language. Try stuff like, “This product or service is designed with you in mind, your life, your family, your business.” It makes a difference.

6. Ask people to take action. If you instill urgency in your content you’re more likely to inspire customers to buy something, subscribe to something, invest time in something. “If you’re not doing this you’re losing money right now,” is more likely to inspire action than, “our products are super cool and stuff.” Am I right?

7. Images go along way. Boost your page with awesome graphics, an iconic image, or infographics. People except web pages to not only be informative and user-friendly, but also easy on the eyes. The more visual things you have going on the longer people will stay on your page and the more seriously they’ll take your company.

8. Maximize for a quick glance. Most people look at your page and decide if they want something in a split second so it’s a good idea to prepare for that. Optimize your copy content to catch the eye by highlighting important parts of the text with bold letters, short standout phrases, quotes, Italics, or little colorful boxes.

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