Great Business Resources To Check Out This Week By Harper Roark

1. “eCommerce Blogging: How to Drive Conversions with Content” – Have you been wondering how to get started with Inbound marketing strategies, which draw potential customers to your site using interesting content rather than paid advertising?  Try blogging!  In this article, Shannon Good thoroughly explains four simple best practices for eCommerce blogging: blog to drive traffic to your site, promote your products without pushing a sale, give readers a reason to come back (by consistently having fresh and relevant content), and make your blog social media share-friendly.  To read the full article, go here

2. “Top Marketing Sites for Social Media Tips and Trends” – To be successful in today’s business climate, companies of all sizes should have a person who is dedicated to social media management.  Social media can be a challenging and grueling task for the person who undertakes the venture, so it is important to stay up-to-date with the best social media marketing tips and trends.  This article by Tony Corsini includes a comprehensive list of the best and most relevant social media marketing advice websites, including Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today, iMediaConnection, Simply Zesty, and many more.  For the complete list, go here

3. “6 Effective but Ignored Social Media Marketing Sites” – When we consider which social media sites to use to promote our businesses, the “Big 3” often come to mind: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  But there are several other established social media sites with large and growing user bases that deserve to be considered and used.  Krista Neher lists and analyzes 6 oft-forgotten social media options in this article, including Pinterest, which is currently the fastest-growing social media site with the most referrals generated, SlideShare, Tumblr, and more.  For the full article, go here

4. “4 Free Social Media Marketing Sites for Local Small Businesses” – Are you running a local small business and wondering how you can best utilize social media to bring in new conversions and customers?  There are several social media options that are well-suited specifically to local small businesses.  In this article Eric Folgate walks readers through four of the best marketing resources for local businesses: Facebook Places Deals, Foursquare Specials, Google Local, and Yelp Offers.  To get more information on how these local marketing options can best help you, read the full article here

5. “5 Most Common Mistakes in Social Media” – Has your social media growth or efficacy been stagnating or declining lately?  Are you wondering what you may be doing wrong?  In this enlightening article by Drew Neisser, he outlines the 5 most common mistakes that companies make with social media: using the wrong metrics, having too many handles or channels, talking and focusing on yourself too much, isolating social media presence to one department, and not having a clear road map for social media marketing strategy.  To read more about these common mistakes, read the full article here



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