6 Things Entrepreneurs Are Doing Wrong (And They Don’t Even Know It) By Striker Evans

1. Providing facts instead of a “vision.” When you’re negotiating, or trying to make a sale, facts will only take you so far. “We have a money back offer! We offer 24/7 support!” These are just facts and they’ll limit your potential. Give the other side the real information, give them what their life could look like with your product or service.

2. Not having a decent defense for your cost or fees. If you’re providing something valuable you’d better have a good reason as to why you’re charging a certain amount. You’re worth it, convince the other guy, and tie it to your vision.

3. Every moment is a moment wasted. Any time that you spend with any potential clients could be time spend negotiating to some extent. This doesn’t mean that you should hard sell your t-shirt business to your father-in-law during Sunday brunch but you could sell him a vision during brunch. After-all, that waitress wouldn’t be calling him “Grandpa” if he was wearing a more modern, outfit, similar to what your brand offers.

4. Waiting. If you’re waiting for good things to happen to your business, you’ll be waiting a long time. Take initiative, get in there, and drive your team.

5. Taking employees for granted. A company is only as good as their employees. If you value your employees, show them, and listen to their suggestions. You’d be surprised by how many employees of today are multi-million entrepreneurs tomorrow.

6. Don’t put all of your ducks in one basket. Or eggs. How does that go again? The point is this: Don’t put all of your marketing efforts into FB and Twitter. Many entrepreneurs put all of their hope in social media stuff, they SPAM the world with their stuff, and they are disappointed with the poor results. The best way to run a business account is the same way you’d run a personal account. You wouldn’t SPAM your friends so don’t SPAM potential clients. Make friends, care what others are saying and doing, and post things of value without trying to push your products constantly. Bam! Winning.

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