Article Roundup: The Best Business Articles This Week By Harper Roark

1. “5 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know About the Changing Workplace” – One of the best ways to make sure you are staying connected to your customers and employees is to constantly monitor trends and changes in the workplace.  In this piece, Vivian Giang expertly outlines five things you should do in the current workplace environment: hire candidates with in-demand skills of the future, hire for “soft” skills (including critical thinking and problem-solving skills), provide learning opportunities for young employees, learn to criticize constructively, and start a blog.  To read more about these strategies, visit the full article here

2. “5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8AM” – Did you know that the world’s most successful people are frequently very early risers?  Many CEOs and influential government officials wake before 5AM and they have many early-morning habits in common.  In this helpful Forbes article, Jennifer Cohen outlines 5 pre-workday activities that successful people have in common, including: eating breakfast, exercising, mapping out your day, visualizing, and more.  To learn about these activities in more detail, read the full article here

3. “3 Goals for your Content Marketing” – Do you know what your goals are with content marketing?  You should!  Though strategies may vary, the three primary content marketing goals are the same regardless of your business: reach (reaching new people who do not yet know your business or organization), engagement (how interesting your content is for new visitors), and conversion (how many of these new people turn into sales or opt-ins). In this informative article, Michael Brenner explains these three goals in detail and provides measuring metrics for each.  For the full article, visit

4. “12 Ways to Promote Your Blog” – So, you’ve finally decided to start your blog and you’re writing great content.  Your only problem? Hardly anyone is reading it.  This article will outline 12 promotional strategies you can use to make sure your great blog content is reaching as many readers as it should.  Tips include strategies on authenticity (giving your readers the “real thing”), timeliness (being consistent and frequent with your content), visual appeal (in terms of layout and visual content), and much more!  For the complete list of strategies and all the details, visit the full article here

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