Great Business Resources To Check Out This Week By Harper Roark

1. “8 Steps to Effective Content for Social Media” – If we want to convert new contacts into new customers, we cannot merely create informative content about our brand.  We must also engage our potential customers by telling stories and sharing images.  This article by Michael Brenner briefly covers eight strategies for creating more helpful and entertaining content for your viewers and readers, including listening better, finding the right rhythm, following the “golden rule” of effective content (being helpful), and more.  He also links to his slideshow that provides examples of effective content and how to create it.  For the complete list and examples, visit the article here

2. “Want a Retweet? Include a Photo” – Think twitter’s 140 character limit is keeping you from really getting your message out to your followers and other potential customers?  Wrong!  To get more retweets and reach more new people, you just need to include a photograph.  In this article, Kurt Wagner reviews recent studies that detail just how much a photograph will increase your likelihood of being retweeted (hint: it’s a lot).  But not any photograph with do, links to other imaging sites, like Instagram, don’t yield the same results.  For the full details, read the entire article here

3. “How to Drive Conversions with Your “About Us” Page, Part 2” – Have you been wondering how you can make your “About Us” page more interesting and gain more conversions at the same time?  This follow-up article better details exactly how you can accomplish that goal!  Matt Rickerby and his team created a before and after “About Us” page using a fictional brand to illustrate the difference between a boring page and an engaging, visually stimulating page.  To see these examples and learn more about how you can change your “About Us” page to better engage your visitors and get more conversions, read his full article here

4. “How Product Listing Ads Attract More Traffic” – You’re probably familiar with using pay-per-click ads to attract targeted traffic to your site, but do you know how to use product listing ads?  Product listing ads can help you to appeal to your targeted traffic more than your competitors do! In this thorough article, Dodiet Sutardjo covers getting started with product listing ads and ways to optimize your product listings, including setting up your product feed, updating your feed appropriately, and naming your products correctly.  To read more about effectively using product listing ads, you can find the full article here

5. “Advanced Analytics Tagging” – Most eCommerce managers will be familiar with google analytics, but using advanced analytics tagging, which allows you to more precisely and accurately identify trends in your market base, can be more challenging.  In this article, conversion consultant Amanda Graham expertly guides the new user through the complicated process of using advanced analytics tagging.  She describes the process using helpful analogies and clear details, including sections on how to choose custom segments, and choosing between custom variables and event tracking.  To learn more about how to use advanced analytics tagging, you can find the complete article here

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