Article Roundup: The Best Marketing Articles This Week By Harper Roark

1. “25 Smart Ways to Promote Your Latest Blog Post” – So, you’ve written and published another great blog post!  You’ve only completed step one.  If you want comments, shares, and new readers, you will also have to allot time to effectively promoting your new blog post.  This thorough article by Rebekah Radice lists the best ways to market your latest blog post, including promotion on social media sites, blog-sharing sites, bookmarking, guest posting, and commenting on other blogs.  She also includes how to tailor your promotion to each location.  To read the full description of each location and strategy, read her full article here

2. “How to Get More Blog Comments – Killer Ways” – Are you just hearing crickets after you publish your blog posts?  This useful article by Chetan Gupta details 7 ways you can generate and manage more comments on your blog posts.  These strategies include using an easy commenting system, including a “call to action” for comments in your blog post, engaging in conversation with your readers, rewarding your commentators, use a “top commentator” widget on your blog, and more!  To get the complete list and all the details on each strategy, read the full article here

3. “The One Thing You Must Do For Long-Term Social Media Success” – Sure, there are lots of strategies for social media success: interesting content, regular and frequent promotion, including visual content – but what is the single most important thing you have to do for social-media success?  John Paul Aguiar’s answer in this article may surprise you: you have to leave!  Sound counterintuitive?  It’s not.  Aguiar will show you why it makes sense and exactly how you can make the most of your time away.  For the full article, go here

4. “6 Things Social Media Can’t Do For You” – We’ve all read a hundred articles about much social media can do for your blog or business, right?  And it’s true, social media promotion can do a lot for you.  But in this atypical article, John Paul Aguiar outlines some common misconceptions about social media and exactly what social media can’t do for you.  Aguiar says social media cannot be your only marketing strategy, succeed with 50% effort, deliver quick success, provide a following in itself, and more!  To see his full list, read the complete article here

5. “How to Get Google to Trust Your Site” – Are you search engine rankings failing and you’re wondering why?  Stop focusing on gimmicks to get your website ranked higher and instead focus specifically on getting Google to trust your site – the rest will follow.  In Elizabeth McGee’s very thorough article, 7 strategies To Create On-site Trust (including having a privacy policy, “About Us” page, contact form, and more), 3 Strategies to Boost Your Brand (including choosing the right domain name and using social media), and finally, Making Sure Your Links Come From High-quality, Trusted ‘Seed’ Sites.  To learn more about gaining Google’s trust and read her complete lists, visit her full article here

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