How To Increase B2B Sales In 3 Moves

It was easier back in the day when decisions were linear. One of the biggest challenges in a B2B campaign is often understanding that prospective clients no longer make direct decisions. Now, they decide they need something, shop around, do some reading, come back poke around a bit, do more investigating, and then, and only then, do they hand over the credit card to make a purchase. Here are three ways you can make your marketing and sales efforts more effective using the idea of the CDJ or “Customer Decision Journey,” which aims to understand the customer decision making process and their needs.

1) Find out what matters to your prospective clients. It’s not enough to just know your demographic, you also need to understand what influences them to make a buying decision. What are they looking for and what do they need? Your company efforts should be focused in these areas so your budget results in the turnaround you’re looking for. It’s not uncommon for a company to discover that the budget given to the efforts that actually influences their prospective clients is low, while the budget for areas that has little impact is high. Putting your money into the right area is crucial and that requires knowing what prospective clients want.

2) Use resources and money where it matters. There comes a time when you have to analyze what parts of your marketing or sales strategy are working and which efforts are not. One particular company that we’ve worked with was paying 80% of their online marketing budget towards a social media team and only 20% towards content generation. What they really needed for their SEO and visibility was great content first and then some sharing. The ratio should have been 90% content and 10% sharing. When they changed their focus their sales increased by 15%, along with their visibility and respect within their trade.

3) Communication and teamwork between marketing and sales. It’s common in companies for the sales and marketing teams to be their own unit apart from each other with very little inter-department communication. Using CDJ, instead of competing for customers, marketing and sales can work together to understand what their customers need so they can combine efforts to efficiently give customers what they need thus increasing success in both departments.

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