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21 Ways To Increase Traffic This Week

Everyone wants to know how to build traffic because it’s the only way to  expose yourself to an audience. I’m not talking about voyeurism here, I’m  talking about getting your writing, your products, your brand, out there. You  can’t sell your products or yourself unless people can SEE you and you can’t be  seen without traffic. We’re going to give you a list of 21 things that you can do  this week to increase your traffic and keep it steady. It’s not about SEO  anymore, not the way it was even five years ago. Nowadays you have to build  organic traffic. Search engines are smart and trying to trick them will most likely  get you hurt. Build real traffic with people who will be really into you. Print off this list, put it above your desk and get on it.

1. The first thing you should do is figure out who you’re trying to reach. If you don’t know your demographic you will never get anywhere. Who do you want to target? Men? Women? Circus performers? Cat ladies? You need to know. Find a group of people who you know for sure are your target market and research them. What do they like? What are their favorite blogs, T.V. shows, what do they do online, how much do they earn, did they go to college? This might sound silly but it’s marketing 101.

2. Once you know who you are targeting form a campaign that aims towards them. Your marketing efforts cannot be you posting nonstop about you and your products. Yawn. Nobody cares. You have to approach social media like a human, and give people information that they’ll appreciate.  If you’re selling makeup to old women aim to catch the interest of older women who love makeup. You’d probably want to steer away from posts about club makeup, pop culture and teen gossip. However, you definitely want to post things about living a longer, healthier life, soap operas, grandchildren, seeing the world and how to keep a marriage  hot after fifty years. Make a list of thirty sources that will appeal to your audience for informative and interesting blog posts, FB and Twitter updates as well as potential affiliate marketing in the future.

3. Focus on quality content. If the content sucks you’ll never get anywhere no matter what. Do the work. If you’re not the best writer in the world, pay someone to do it for you and always ask to have your work looked over.

4. Be yourself. Always be transparent and don’t try to put on a professional game face. In the social realm you’re more likely to make friends being bold and offensive than by being boring and fake.

5. Be visual. Use amazing images, slideshows, and video.

6. Set up your blog well. Keep it simple, clean, with only valuable information. Less is more in terms of quality. Find a few guest bloggers to contribute great content regularly.

7. Obsess over your headlines. Go to UpWorthy.Com and check out their headlines. They are good and almost all of their content goes viral.

8. Contribute content to other blogs. Make videos. Make songs. Start an online T.V. show. Do anything you can do literally put yourself all over the web but don’t do it in a lazy way. Do not copy the same article in forty different blogs or forums. Quality over quantity.

9. If you’re selling something online regularly tell people why they should care or want your product. Be honest, tell them everything, and practice being transparent.

10. Tell people immediately on your site why they should spend time or money with you instead of the ten billion other sites.

11. The best customers are returning customers. When people make a purchase find a way to sign them up for updates on the product they purchased, personally thank them for shopping with you, make them a friend, make the experience worth remembering. Loyalty is worth a lot and it goes both ways.

12. Re-evaluate your site design. Design matters. Humans are very visual and a clustery, busy, or difficult to navigate site can cost you your business or your blog. Simple is always better.

13. Ask for help and give experience to college kids. Interns can be a great and low cost way to approach marketing and social media. Find some summer interns from a nearby marketing or business school and ask them to check and optimize your strategies. Listen to them, ask their opinions. The internet grows constantly and the younger generation is always ten steps ahead of everyone else. Plus, you’ll give them invaluable experience that they’ll need when they finish.

14. Always use social proof to validate your site or blog. VALIDATE YOURSELF. If you have an E-commerce site you need third-party verification, testimonials and “as seen in,” information to put potential customers at ease. Don’t forget that online you are one in a million.

15. Make it easy to share your FB or Twitter pages, blog posts, or website pages. If you sell clothes for example, make it easy to use Pinterest to “pin” available items. The easier you make “sharing” the more things will be shared.

16. Your site should be lighting speed fast. I personally leave sites almost immediately if they are slow to load. If you’re slow, you’re losing money or readers.

17. Spend a day researching similar sites that are successful. Don’t steal from them but find out what they’re doing and what works for them. Get inspired and try using some of their techniques.

18. Find your best posts, FB updates, etc., and try to figure out why they were more successful than others. When you figure it out keep doing it. You don’t have to re-create the wheel everyday. Find out what works and just do it over and over again.

19. Offer an affiliate program. Launch a new product or relaunch an existing one with a discount price. Talk about your little successes or do a press release using PR Web and announce them to the world.

20. Post something on your site or blog that helps people get to know you. Do a fun questionnaire and have everyone who works for the site do it too. The more people get to know you the more they’ll trust you and like you and your brand.

21. Who are you? Spend one hour asking yourself again who you are as a brand, business, blogger. Re-evaluate the style, tone, personality you want to come across. Are you coming out in your site, blog, and products? Stay consistent. If every page of your site or blog seems to be written with a different intent than the next people will start thinking you have a multiple personality disorder. People don’t like inconsistency especially when it’s online. Every week re-evaluate. It’s one hour well worth your time and effort.

Implement these ideas and let us know how it went. What would you add to this list? What works for you and your blog or business?

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