Trust Guard Partners With Market Health To Increase Customer’s Revenue

Trust Guard And Market Health have announced a partnership recently to “benefit the business development of both companies.” Market Health will be offering their customers Trust Guard’s conversion and compliance solutions at discounted/packaged prices.

Market Health is an international company with a diverse customer demographic that ranges anywhere from forty to seventy-five year olds. Their unique customer base is due to their 200 plus products. They are known online as the “ultimate destination for health and beauty products.” They proudly claim to choose their products based on innovation, careful research and development, and natural ingredients that exclude synthetic additives.

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Conversion Sciences LLC., Partners With Trust Guard To Increase Conversion For Customers

Trust Guard is currently partnering with Conversion Sciences LLC., to provide value and conversion optimization to customers. The partnership will allow both companies to maximize their conversion abilities and reach to to target markets which includes E-Commerce business’ with traffic who need to increase conversion rates.

POS System Security Scan Can Protect Merchants From A Target-Style Security Breach

Target’s security breach seems to grow by the minute. First, it was 40 million credit cards and debit cards. Then, they found that data of over 100 million customers was compromised. Now, they’ve discovered that other large retailers such as Neiman Marcus were hit. Target’s sales have dramatically dropped and customers are swearing to pay in cash from now on. Everyone wants answers: Merchants want to know what to do to prevent the same thing from happening to them and customers want to know how to shop safely and securely in the future.

Experts agree that things are going to get worse before they get better for merchants. Some claim that point-of-sale terminal hacking is at epidemic proportions.

Trust Guard, a company that specializes in POS Security Scanning, says that due to their recent success with Target, hackers will doggedly increase their efforts and continue their attempts to breach POS Terminals and steal client information. Trust Guard is urging merchants to increase their security with POS scans to stop hackers from getting into their systems in the first place.

PCI Compliant POS scanning is required by credit card companies. A POS system security scan checks card terminals for thousands of vulnerabilities by scanning both web applications and networks remotely and non-intrusively based on the IP address provided. Scans search for threats to operating systems, services, and utilities used for financial or other sensitive transactions. A PCI-compliant scan is performed with an advanced scanning engine that will generate a detailed report listing any server and network vulnerabilities. Then, the merchant can properly resolve the security risks to protect their system from Hackers, and Malware.

“Merchants should protect their customer’s private data with POS scanning. It’s the most effective method because it’s preventative and constant. Terminals are monitored on a regular basis for new vulnerabilities which will continue to stop hackers as equipment, software and networks change. Customers can protect themselves by changing their personal identification number, asking for a new credit card, monitoring their credit reports, and being more careful when they shop. If a merchant doesn’t have POS terminal scanning don’t swipe your card,” said Dave Brandley, co-founder, Trust Guard.

A security breach can destroy a company’s reputation and permanently tarnish a customer’s credit. “This isn’t the first or the last time hackers will have the upper hand. Constant monitoring is the only way to keep hackers out, protect your business and hard work, and keep customers safe and secure,” said Brandley.

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Trust Guard’s Cresta Pillsbury Explains Internet Security Benefits

Cresta Pillsbury discusses internet security and the importance of it at the 2013 Affiliate Summit. The Summit is one of the most anticipated events of the year for internet marketers. The event was attended by hundreds of affiliates, publishers, marketers, and networks. The Mail interviewed many of the attendants including our very own CMO, Cresta Pillsbury. Watch her work it and do her thing here.

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