Conversion Sciences LLC., Partners With Trust Guard To Increase Conversion For Customers

contemporary-sm-scan-redTrust Guard is currently partnering with Conversion Sciences LLC., to provide value and conversion optimization to customers. The partnership will allow both companies to maximize their conversion abilities and reach to to target markets which includes E-Commerce business’ with traffic who need to increase conversion rates.

“It takes courage to subject your marketing claims to scientific proof. Trust Guard has done just that. We have been able to prove in tests that Trust Guard makes a material difference on their customers’ websites, and this makes us very comfortable in recommending them.” Said Brian Massey, Founder, Conversion Sciences LLC.

While both companies are known for increasing conversion they work on different ends of the spectrum. Trust Guard takes care of the third-party verification and security end. They provide PCI security scanning as well as third-party verification with the goal of increasing client trust while protecting the website from vulnerabilities that are easily accessed by hackers. “Our Trust Seals build instant trust and a allow customers to shop freely and therefore immediately increase revenue for our clients.” Said Cresta Pillsbury, CMO, Trust Guard.

Conversion Sciences LLC., is best known for their focus on conversion optimization and converting traffic into buying customers. The company puts analytics and statistical proof as the base of their process giving their clients the opportunity to see what works and what will continue to work for them.“Nothing is more fun than making a simple change to your website and seeing significant results.Trust Guard has hired us to prove that adding their seal makes website visitors more comfortable taking action.” Said Massey.

Both companies have big hopes and seem confident with the decision to partner together. Founder Massey Said, “We find that the Trust Guard seal is a proven benefit to conversion rates for companies in almost any industry.We recommend Trust Guard to our clients, so we felt they were a natural fit for a partnership.” And Trust Guard matched his enthusiasm, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working alongside such a powerhouse as Conversion Sciences LLC., because of their reputation, and the fact that they are the most measurable agency in the field. It’s an excellent opportunity for both of us to increase our revenue and generate income for our clients.” Said Trust Guard CMO, Pillsbury.

 Original Story On CEO World Financial  

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