The Faceless Place of the Internet: Hacking And Your Business


Sep 12th, 2012 By M. Evans

The New York Times technology page is often full of hacker attacks. Anonymous did this, some dude in a basement did that, and so on and so fourth. Hacking, data breach, things that still sound like a science-fiction movie are actually common in our day-to-day life. I remember watching, The Net, with Sandra Bullock and thinking, “Wow, what a terrifying idea.” Yet, here we are. We are in a world where many people work remotely, hackers are becoming more and more brilliant, and stealing data and identities is actually a full time job for some people. However, the difference between the movie and real, modern life is that now most security breaches are the result of neglect more times than not. Business’ go bankrupt, or someone loses a lifetime of savings often because they weren’t cautious with their private information. Though, thankfully, people are starting to realize it and catching on. People are being more careful and making smarter decisions when shopping online and this is why e-commerce might present an interesting challenge to those in the business world. It can prove a challenge to sell, or increase profits.

The internet is a world of chosen identities, easily created pasts and false promises, wrapped in a world of fast commerce, necessity, and business technology. Finding the “right” places to do business can be a challenge and so building trust has become the main focus of business’ seeking a strong online presence. The competition doesn’t help. There are so many business’ online selling the similar services and products that if you don’t make customers feel comfortable immediately, it’s likely that you’ll lose them within seconds to another site.

According to, “Your website is the single most important aspect of your business these days. It’s a crucial first impression and will determine whether audiences attend your arts events and performances, hire you for your services or buy your products.

With that in mind, it’s vital you have a website that turns visitors into paying customers. But how can your own website do this? How can you ensure it’s a success? With trust. That’s the key here. You have to make people trust you, otherwise they’ll simply go elsewhere.”

Building trust doesn’t have to be some impossible task though. In general, having solid information on a website, such as company address, phone number, and real customer testimonials (if you need to fake it, don’t bother) can earn the needed credibility to create trust. In addition, a clean, professional design, website security,  verification, and great customer support can ensure a higher conversion rate and loyal customers.

For the full article on building trust and promoting your business click here

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